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Quality Control


Our quality along with testing and inspection guidelines has always has been an integral part of our organization as we conduct a 100% check for all inputs used and for dimensional & metallurgical parameters.

Testing and Inspections are the most crucial stages in the bearing manufacturing business. Below are some of the testing and inspections methodologies we use:

• Life Testing Machine for bearing life.
• Surface Roughness Testers to check surface finish
• Noise Checking Machines for noise and vibration levels.
• Hardness Testers to check hardness or rollers and races.
• Profile Projector for special consumers who send us their sample   drawings.
• Air Plug Gauges checking accurate Bore size of IR at Bore   Grinding machine as well as in Assembly

• Crack Detectors for checking the crack in the components, for example Rollers which is not visible with a naked   eye.
• Chemical laboratory for chemical analysis.
• Radial Clearance Machine that play an important role in ball,cylindrical,spherical types of bearings are tested   completely on this machine for longer and smoother operation.
• Form Talysurf-50
• CNC Roller Sorting Machine is an electronical machine used for sorting out the Taper & Spherical Rollers within 5   micron which ultimately increase the life of Taper & Spherical Roller bearings.